A neighborhood feel.

First & Main is designed for community. Spaces naturally flow from “me” to “we”—from personal to public. Beyond the privacy of your apartment, you’ll find easy access to peaceful common areas and vibrant social spaces. As comfortable as your home is here, there’s reason to leave—and lots of places to go.

As you walk down the hall, color and subtle architectural features group residences together visually, so everywhere you go has a unique sense of place. There are open places to gather along each hall and concierge desks on every floor. You’ll find a spa and a dining room tucked into these residential areas. And residents are never more than a short walk from the Village Square.

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First Floor

Residents in suites on the first floor enjoy easy access to the Village Square, the social focal point of life at First & Main. The dining room, 24-hour bistro, chapel, movie theatre, salon, and workshop—plus access to the gardens and putting green in the Courtyard—can all be found on the first floor.

Second Floor

While primarily residential, the second floor is also home to the fitness center, spa, and another restaurant. The fitness center and spa are intentionally tucked away from the other more public spaces, so residents don’t have to go through the Village Square on the way to or from an exercise class or massage.

Third Floor

The third floor serves our memory care residents with its own dining, activity spaces, walking paths, and more. Since Alzheimer’s and dementia exists on a spectrum, we serve all levels of memory care. Beautiful living areas equipped with unobtrusive, state-of-the-art security systems provide assurance that residents are safe without intruding on their lives.