Key Tips On How To Help Aging Parents Improve Their Memory

Published: October 25th, 2017
Author: Nancy

Key Tips On How To Help Aging Parents Improve Their Memory - informedmag

At one point, our parents will grow old and grey. They will become aged to the extent that they can no longer take care of themselves. Our parents will retire and enter their weak ages. The weak stages mean that our parents will be prone to many illness and defects. One of the impending problems seniors may encounter is memory loss.

Memory loss can start relatively early and may also worsen if compounded with Alzheimer's disease. Either way, at this age, these people will likely forget a lot of important things. Luckily, this can be prevented and cured. Here are some key tips on how to help elderly parents improve their memory.

Long Hours of Sleep

Like children, seniors need lots of sleep. Children need adequate sleep so they can grow-just like the elderly need enough sleep for them to maintain their memory. Sleep can strengthen the memory of a person and can help improve focus.

So for those who want to help their parents improve their memory, do not let them stay up all night. You should also make sure that they take afternoon naps. Experts recommend at least seven hours of sleep.

Regular Exercise

For memories to be retained, the brain should function correctly. For the brain to function perfectly, it needs oxygen. For oxygen to get to the brain, there must be an active blood circulation all over the body. To keep the blood circulation active, the body needs to undergo regular exercise.

Aside from improving blood circulation, regular exercise can also trigger some brain chemicals that protect the brain cells. According to experts, an elderly person needs at least two and a half hours of exercise per week. The recommended exercise for them is the aerobic exercise. They can also do some brisk walking. You can also enroll them in gym clubs for seniors.

Bond and Socialize

According to studies, stress and depression are a great contributor to memory loss. To prevent this, the aging person should bond with family and friends. They should also socialize with other people.

The aging person should engage in many fun sociable activities. If it is feasible, you can arrange an intimate get-together for the your parents and their friends at least once a week. If that is not feasible, then you can also expose them to online social media. You can create a Facebook account for them and teach them how to use it. In this way, the older people in your family will not get bored and at the same time, can prevent memory loss.

Consume The Right Food

As we already know, the food we eat plays a key role in improving or deteriorating our memory. This is also the case for seniors. At this stage of their lives, they have to consume the right food for the brain to function properly. They also need to refrain from food that triggers memory loss.

Food like green vegetables, low-fat proteins, and fruits must be consumed by an elderly person on a regular basis to improve their memory. He or she should also stop eating red meat because experts have proven that this meat could weaken the functions of brain cells. Older people should also stop drinking alcoholic beverages or anything similar to it, as it may trigger memory loss.

Take Care of Health

Basically, better health means better memory. During the late stages of a person’s life, it is also the start of the declining years. Older people are more prone to illnesses that may range from mild to lethal. They are also likely to contract chronic conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and many more related illnesses.

A regular checkup with a doctor is needed to know if your parent could be prone to certain health problems and diseases. This is done to plan a prevention scheme.

By following these simple key tips, you can help your elderly family members, especially your parents, in preventing and improving memory loss. If memory loss is a problem with no visible improvements however, perhaps consider purchasing a medical alert system to keep your loved one safe.