What kind of care is right for me?

You know it’s time to plan for senior living. But it’s not always clear what lifestyle is the best fit for you, or what kind of care is most appropriate for your needs. We hope you are able to recognize yourself in one of the short descriptions below.

Assisted Living. You enjoy a great deal of independence, but need a hand with certain daily tasks such as preparing meals, transportation, fitness, or personal care. An assisted living suite at a place like First & Main would be an excellent fit for you.

Memory Care. Forgetfulness is an issue, but you still enjoy quite a bit of independence or you regularly experience forgetfulness and are confused. First & Main assess your needs and provides programs and an environment that best serves your abilities.

We're here to help

While these descriptions may help point you in the right direction, there’s only so much we can say for sure until we speak with you and learn the particulars of your situation. Click here to download a checklist of signs that it may be time for a new way of life.

If you’re still unsure where to begin, our professionals would love to talk to you to understand your individual needs and answer your questions. Request planning information or call us today at (855) 543-2636.