Best in class.

From the design of each community and the caliber of our staff to the freshness of the meal on your plate, First & Main pays attention to detail and never cuts corners on quality.

Before you even park your car, you’ll notice that First & Main is different. Our residences are in prime locations, integrated into unique suburban town centers and close to premier retail. These are places where you’d actually want to live.

Inside and out, First & Main is marked by beautiful design and high-end amenities. Every community is built to LEED standards, using superior materials to provide a safer, more comfortable environment optimized for your health and wellbeing:

  • 70% of chemicals used in our communities are Green Chemicals
  • Housekeepers undergo the GREEN CLEANING training program
  • All communities are smoke-free buildings
  • Recycling programs are in place community-wide
  • Window design allows for added natural light throughout courtyard, family room and sun porch areas
  • Motion activated lights reduce electricity costs throughout our communities
  • Individualized room HVAC systems allow personal comfort and energy efficiency.

The air is clean, fresh, and fragrant. And details in each suite, from the granite countertops to the quiet efficiency of your climate control, prove that quality is more than a veneer.

Every day, a chef plans and prepares the rotating menus and daily specials served in our dining room. And, thanks to our Director of Excitement, there’s always something going on—often in coordination with local health clubs, centers of worship, or community organizations.

Even behind the scenes, First & Main is powered by modern technology. From high-speed internet access and electronic records management to the Accushield visitor and vendor check-in station, First & Main invests where it counts to provide a premier experience.